The number of people taking part in dance classes worldwide is increasing, with dance allowing people to be more active, socialise within local communities and develop creative skills

There are numerous benefits to participating in dance classes, from increasing your amount of daily exercise to making new friends. In the European Union the weekly exercise target is at least one hour per day for children and 30 minutes, five times a week, for adults. Although this may initially look daunting, you can easily achieve this by attending dance classes. Some of the benefits of increasing the amount of exercise you do are: reduced stress levels, stronger bones and muscles and maintaining a healthy body weight.

More than physical exercise

As well as being an excellent form of exercise, as an art form dance offers a wonderful creative outlet.

There are also many career opportunities in dance. The entertainment industry is vast, employing an estimated 30,000 in dance related roles in the UK alone. There are numerous professions in dance including performing, teaching, choreography and dance notation. Additionally, the dance industry includes community dance leaders, promoters, producers, designers, publicists, technicians, physiotherapists, medical and alternative practitioners, therapists, writers and academics.

Dance also develops valuable transferable skills that can be applied to any career path. The confidence gained through achievements in dance helps to build social skills, increase self-esteem and the ability to communicate well in a group.

Taking the first step can be the hardest, but by using DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG to find qualified teachers, you can be assured of high quality of training.

Top 10 ten reasons to participate in dance classes

  • Dance keeps both the body and the brain active, vital for people of every age
  • Dance offers a way to improve strength and flexibility, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy
  • Choosing to start a new hobby can help you meet new people and make friends with people who have similar interests
  • Dance helps you learn about your body, improving your posture and balance
  • Taking time out in the day to participate in a hobby can help to reduce stress levels
  • Dance can offer insight into other cultures
  • Dance can led to new career opportunities, or help build vital communications skills needed in every profession
  • Participating in dance can help increase your self esteem and confidence
  • Dance offers a creative outlet
  • Dance is a fun way open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself