DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG is the ISTD’s FREE global directory of ISTD teachers.

Since 2007, DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG has provided an extensive listing of qualified dance teachers throughout the world. To celebrate its 10th anniversary DANCE-TEACHER.ORG has relaunched with a new and improved design.


  • Extensive coverage, listing qualified ISTD dance teachers and Approved Dance Centres worldwide
  • User friendly design and enhanced functionality
  • The ISTD’s global reach and trusted reputation
  • The ISTD’s high standards and rigorous quality assurance
  • Additional information about dance styles, best practice standards and social media links

Are you a parent or student?

If you are looking for a qualified dance teacher, or to train as an ISTD teacher, you've come to the right place. DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG is your comprehensive global search engine to find ISTD teachers and dance schools offering training and examinations in your chosen dance style and at your desired level.

Learn more about how DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG can help you find the right dance teacher for you.

Or, if you want to become a dance teacher find out more about the diverse range of ISTD dance training opportunities.

Are you a dance teacher or Approved Dance Centre owner?

If you are a dance teacher or Approved Dance Centre you can use DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG to advertise your dance classes, training opportunities and studio to a global audience. It offers a simple to use web interface which takes advantage of the ISTD’s global reach and reputation, and promotion of your dance school is FREE for all ISTD members.

What’s more, the ISTD’s Professional Standards Scheme helps you evidence your relevant insurance, Health & Safety and Child Protection Policies, and that you regularly update your knowledge and skills through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Learn more about how DANCE-TEACHERS.ORG can help you attract new clients and stand out in a crowded market place.

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